Photographing real people | Housing association corporate brochure

A fab job this week, photographing six real residents for a housing association client’s corporate brochure and website.  By saying ‘real’ people, I mean people who don’t necessarily want to be photographed as it’s not for their purposes, have no idea what a ‘corporate brochure’ image looks like and need some, sometimes a lot, of help to ease nerves and awkwardness away.  None of my clients use models for my commissions, I’ve never actually photographed a model come to think of it.  My client wanted a variety of ‘on the ipad’ /  ‘chatty’ /  ‘enjoying the home’ / ‘moving in’ / ‘I love my garden’ type shots, it’s quite difficult to come up with different styles of shots with each person being photographed on their own.

Most of my ‘people’ photography experience comes from spending time with residents of my housing association clients, people on community workshops, and people in their real homes to showcase building works and decoration, use of space etc.  The type of image I’m always after is natural and real, nothing like a ‘stock’ image.  There’s usually a hint of direction visible but all my clients prefer the realness of, well, real people.  Sometimes it can be difficult as I never know what homes look like until we arrive, but usually there’s a few good spots with nice light to work with.

We photographed a lovely mix of residents today, all very nervous, and just worked with what their homes and lifestyle offered.  Spot which of the homes was being completely gutted and redecorated apart from one finished wall…!


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